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Price: $59.95


Cerv-Align® Orthopedic Pillow Provides Proper Alignment of the Spine

The uniquely curved neck lobe of the Cerv-Align Pillow provides excellent support, placing your neck in the appropriate position for cervical correction.

The CerviAlign's unique design provides proper neck support  The unique curved design allows for shoulder comfort while properly supporting the neck when sleeping on your back or side. 

The Cerv-Align also functions well as a conventional pillow by simply rotating the support lobe away from the neck. The larger section gently cradles your head with down-like comfort. Use this side of the pillow to help adjust to sleeping on the cervical lobe.

Maximize Your Comfort and Support

Available in three lobe sizes, this versatile pillow provides both comfort and support. Recommended for back and side sleeping. Covered with high quality, 230 thread count cotton fabric for maximum comfort and durability. The Cerv-Align's patented pillow fitting system ensures a proper fit for any body type. Fits a standard pillowcase. 24x 16 (61cm x 41cm) 

Measure from the bottom of your ear to your shoulder to determine which size is best.

Less than 4" choose #5
4 to 5" choose  #6
6" or more = #7.