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OMI ActiveMagnet+ "Mini Mat"


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We recommend combining Static magnets for a complete Magnetic Therapy.  Link to Dr. Sierra's Magnetic Combos.

Now, this Omi Mat, measures 16”x23” that you can move to any part of the body, personalize the therapy while choosind the time and frequency.

Did you know that the OMI products are the primary PEMF products that consumers use to get renewed energy and better sleep? This is what most individuals turn to for a more complete approach to PEMF therapy. The OMI PEMF Mini Mat is lightweight, easy to use, easy to clean and it is beautifully designed with a soft microfiber surface comfortable enough for anyone to use.

What Makes the OMI PEMF Mini Mat Unique?

The OMI PEMF Mini Mat is designed for use with localized therapy in humans and full body therapy for pets.  This mini mat has the same fully functional controller as the Full Body Mat.  

Complementary Therapy for Numerous Health Conditions

OMI (Oxford Medical Instruments) PEMF Therapy Mats are often used in the offices of chiropractors, homeopathic physicians and now it is being requested for home use throughout North America.

The list of conditions that have been studied using PEMF therapy is extensive and the research continues today. Pulsed electromagnetic field mats have become a more commonly used device in the last 5 years, and studies have shown that it has been a welcome change for those who are unable to find relief from other therapies, or when surgical procedures have failed.

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These wellness devices can help you feel better, giving you renewed energy and drug-free pain relief within just a few days or over time.

The OMI mat and other OMI PEMF devices have been recognized by the FDA as wellness devices and the OMI products are officially registered with the FDA.

Tech Specs  (US Version)

AC Adapter


AC100 -240V – 50/60 Hz 0.5A

17V DC - 1500mA

Coil Type
4 Pure Copper Coils

Square Wave

Magnetic Field Strength
20-66 µTesla (0.2 - 0.66 Gauss)

Frequency Range
1-30 Hz

Class of Protection Against Electric Shock Hazard

Power Factor

Ingress Protection

Mat Material
White Synthetic Leather

Remember: We recommend combining Static magnets for a complete Magnetic Therapy.  Link to Dr. Sierra's Magnetic Combos. 

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